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This application needs an opengl context. It is a command line tool running headless (meaning you don't see a window popping up).

Linux Filemanagers

Create thumbnailer images of all supported voxel formats. In combination with a mimetype definition and a .thumbnailer definition file that must be installed in /usr/share/mime/packages and /usr/share/thumbnailer this will e.g. create small preview images for the supported voxel formats.

It works for any file manager that supports .thumbnailer entries, including Nautilus, Thunar (when tumbler is installed), Nemo, Caja, and PCManFM.

Windows Explorer

There is a pull request already (but it's not yet finished and would need the help of a windows developer).

You can still run this application from the windows command line to generate thumbnail images of your voxel models. See the examples for more details.