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The project should work on Linux, Windows and OSX. It should work with any ide that is either supported by cmake or has direct cmake support. Personally I'm using vscode with clangd at the moment. But also the command line with plain old make.


There is a Makefile wrapper around the build system. You can just run make in the project root folder.

Every project has some extra CMake targets. There are e.g. voxedit-run, voxedit-debug and voxedit-perf if the needed tools were found during cmake's configure phase.

That means that you can compile a single target by typing make voxedit, run it by typing make voxedit-run, debug it by typing make voxedit-debug and profile it by typing make voxedit-perf. There are also other targets for valgrind - just use the tab completion in the build folder to get a list.


The project should be buildable with every ide that supports cmake. QTCreator, Eclipse CDT, vscode or Visual Studio. Just install cmake, generate the project files, and open them in your ide.

Set up ninja to speed up the whole build-link-run cycle a lot!

Visual Studio Code

Inside vscode you have to install the c++ plugins. The easiest might be to install the c++ plugins from microsoft. Just make sure the cmake plugin is part of the collection.

If you have problems with the intellisense plugin from microsoft, you can also use the clangd plugin.

Open your git clone directory in vscode and let it configure via cmake. It will pick ninja and the visual studio compiler automatically.


In order to use the Makefile, you should install ninja (see above), gnu make, start Native Tools Command Prompt from your start menu, and just run make in that shell in your git clone directory. Keep in mind that ninja, make and cmake must be available via PATH environment variable.

Check out the Linux section about more details regarding the Makefile targets.


You can generate your xcode project via cmake or build like this:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .

If you are using the cmake Makefile generator, you get the same targets as for Linux above. You can also just type make voxedit-run to compile and run only VoxEdit.


If you encounter any problems, it's also a good start to check out the build pipelines of the project. This is always the most up-to-date information about how-to-build-the-project that you will find. But also please don't hesitate to ask for help on our discord server.

Enforce bundled libs

You can enforce the use of the bundled libs by putting a <LIB>_LOCAL=1 in your cmake cache. Example: By putting LUA54_LOCAL=1 into your cmake cache, you enforce the use of the bundled lua sources from contrib/libs/lua54.

Build doxygen

Run make doc from the project root to execute doxygen. After that install the mcss theme as described here: